Our catering menus offer a wide variety of award winning BBQ items and sauces, along with a long list of delicious side dishes. We also offer delicious trays for drop-off events for business luncheons, corporate events or family parties.


Debbi Fahey

 I don't know if I can ever eat anyone else's BBQ again after experiencing Brett's this past weekend! The
brisket ~ flavorful, moist, tender, excellent! The pulled pork ~ talk about great flavor - the best! The sauce ~ easily the best BBQ sauce I've ever had. Almost wanted to drink it! The beans ~ unbelievable flavor, seasoned to perfection! I was at an event with about 40 people attending and the talk of the day was definitely about Brett's BBQ! You could hear the "Wows!" and the "OMGs!" and even some "Dang that's good(s)" coming from all over the room....no exaggeration! On top of that, we could not have asked for better service. Everything was delivered on time, the hot food was hot, the cold food was cold, and there was more than enough to feed our crowd - very generous portions! Thank you so much Brett for cooking up the highlight of the day, 'cause when the food is THAT good, your get-together is going to be remembered as a total success! 

Benny Rocha

 Brett and his crew catered our wedding and did an awesome job! The meats were spot on and way above restaurant quality. The service and set up was also top notch. Brett brings his experience in the competitive bbq scene and delivers some of the best product I’ve had! Brett also hosted our rehearsal dinner and it was amazing. I cannot put into words how great everything turned out. I was completely blown away! 

Keith Honeycutt

 I've been fortunate enough to travel around the Great State of Texas trying some of the Best BBQ around. When I first tried Brett's BBQ, I loved it and started following him hoping to gather some of his secrets.. well, he gave me a couple of tips but haven't been able to come close to matching what he offers! Proud of you Brett! Keep on serving that awesome BBQ!